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The Bisexual Index provides support and resources for UK Bisexual Activists. The idea for the group came from an activism planning session at BiCon 2007 in Glamorgan.

The Bisexual Index is not a registered charity.

Who Is This?

The Bisexual Index was set up in 2009 by Marcus Morgan. In 2019 they were recognised by the UK government as a "volunteering point of light", for being a Bisexual Champion.

Mission Statement and Core Beliefs

"The Bisexual Index exists to promote bisexuality as a valid sexual identity, through providing a wide, simple definition of bisexuality as a sexual orientation and encouraging the people to whom it applies to use that definition as their identity."

We believe that combatting bisexual erasure and bisexual invisibility will lead to improved bisexual acceptance.

We believe that some people have been prevented from recognising that they are bisexual by society's attitudes to bisexuality, and by bisexual erasure and biphobia.

We believe that the best way to encourage these people to recognise their sexuality is through the use of clear and simple language.

We believe that the widest, simplest definition of bisexuality is the one that enables more people to recognise if they are bisexual.

We believe that to be bisexual a person

We believe that to be bisexual all a person has to do is be attracted to more than one gender. This is our wide, simple definition.

Become a "Friend of The Index"

If you support our work, we invite you to become a Friend of The Index online.

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