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We're committed to getting our message out to as many people as possible - "The definition is simple, it's the prejudice that's hard".

Our main annual expenses to date have been printing ones - getting leaflets and flyers out to as many UK Pride festivals as we can. We spend 300 or so whenever we have that much spare - this gets us enough for a few months but we frequently run out of stock.

But we want to reach more people - through schools, libraries, universities, sports centres, citizens advice bureaus, clinics and pubs. All of this means we need to raise funds. Currently the amount we have coming in from supporters varies wildly month to month - some months it only covers our webhosting (10 p/month).

If you support our work we invite you to become a "Friend of The Index" by donating a monthly amount to help us promote our message.

The amount of the donation is up to you - we're happy to have you show your support for us regardless of your financial circumstances. We do request that donations online have a minimum of 10.

We do also have ideas for projects we could start with bigger funding - if you have ideas or leads on this please email us.

Thank You!

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