The Bisexual Index

Welcome to the Index!

Bisexuality exists. It's real, and it's simple.

Since 2009, The Bisexual Index has been here to point this out to people, to highlight biphobia and to direct you to the UK's bisexual community.

Maybe you're here because you did a search for "how do you know if you're bisexual"? Is a friend or family member bicurious? Do you want to know where your local bisexual group is? Or maybe you've heard about, or even read, 2012's Bisexuality Report? We hope that you'll find useful information on this website.

Across the UK people are working to improve the rights of the LGBT community. Does your organisation want input from the bisexual community? Do you work in the LGBT sector but want to represent bisexuals better? Do you want a UK bisexual speaker for your event? Please contact us - we offer training on bi issues and bi awareness.

Bisexuality isn't complicated, or hard to understand, but people's attitudes to bisexuality can be tangled.

We're here to cut through that knot.

We were the largest Bisexual Organisation on Twitter - but after years of weathering the comments, messages and outright hostility of the users there we decided to focus our attention away from social media.

We have a fundraising store on Etsy now.

When we have the funds to do so we send out free leaflets and resources to bi groups, local Prides, student groups, workplace LGBT networks and many more places. But that costs money, so please donate to our funds for this: